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2012-01-21 00:01:10 by shino100

Oh yea one more thing be sure to check my dA too I post more thing that I might now post here,the only thing that I will post of art is pixel art ok,so be sure to check my dA and watch plz,and if you can donate me some points or give me a llama badge of,thanx I really aprecciate it,heres the link.


2012-01-20 23:43:59 by shino100

So many of you already herd of all the SOPA and PIPA shit,but you should take this seriously because you can get arrested,just so you know they already closed megaupload and myspace I think I'm not 100% sure but they will close all porn sites,taringa,wikipedia,facebook,youtu be,twiter,google plus and much more websites,the reason they are doing this it's because people are giving inf. for free like for example:You pay for some cooking lessons on a cake so now you learned the recepe and you want show your wife how to do it,well right there you are giving free inf.because you pay'd for and now you are giving it out free.I hope all this just fucking goes away already it's gonna suck if SOPA wins really,internet won't have so much of a purpose be on it,so plz for this month don't give inf. free,post other videos or steal stuff,you can actually get arrested for this shit so plz watch out .That's all I would have to say right now,cya next time.